Gladiatus Crazy Addon
A browser extension for the Gladiatus game
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Global Arena

This is the ultimate arena, gathering gladiators from all around the world! In this arena, gladiators do not fight for gold or experience, they fight for a place in the world's top ranking! You can enter and fight in this arena by using the Gladiatus Crazy Addon.

The Global Arena has 5.502 players.

The king of the arena is CRIPTA of the HEAD_HUNTERS undefeated for 4 hours
Second in the arena is Daywalker of the Megaczlowieki undefeated for 2 hour
Third in the arena is pifolin of the DREAM_TEAM undefeated for 11 days

# Name Guild Level Country Server
5.501 TumamafatXXI no-guild n/a en 301
5.502 Zsolesz no-guild n/a en 301